80 jaar Batman

30 maart 2019 is het 80 jaar geleden dat Detective Comics #27 uitkwam. Hierin stond het eerste optreden van Batman. Daarom vieren we die dag dat deze bijzondere superheld […] Lees verder

De geschiedenis van SPIDER-MAN herschreven? | Vlog 129

Spider-Man: Life Story is een zesdelige reeks waarin de geschiedenis van Peter Parker herverteld wordt door schrijver Chip Zdarsky en striptekenaar Mark Bagley.

Het concept is dat het verhaal zich real time afspeelt: een jaar voor ons, is een jaar voor Spider-Man. Dat betekent dus dat hij gelijk met ons oud wordt. Het eerste deel speelt in 1966 als Spider-Man 19 jaar oud is, en dus al vier jaar probeert zijn krachten voor het goede te gebruiken. Het volgende deel speelt in de jaren zeventig en dan zal Peter dus in de twintig zijn. In dit eerste deel schetst Zdarsky een tijdsbeeld door onder andere de Vietnamoorlog aan te halen.

Chip Zdarsky gebruikt bekende elementen uit Spider-Mans geschiedenis, maar verandert daar nogal wat aan. Hij herschrijft als het ware Spider-Mans leven. Dit levert enkele interessante wendingen op, maar is dit niet een vorm van geschiedsvervalsing?!?

Spider-Woman vs Spider-Man by Daniel Acuña & Brian Michael Bendis | ACG Vlog 14

In New Avengers: Siege there is an interesting sequence drawn by Daniel Acuña in which Spider-Woman and Spider-Man are slugging it out.

Of course there is a reason why Jessica Drew aka Spider-Man is pounding our favorite webhead. In this video I take a closer look at the sequence and show you some of the wonderful artwork Daniel Acuña has made.

By the way Acuña is one of the special guests at the Dutch Comic Con that takes place in Utrecht on March 23rd and 24th.
Check out their site for more information.

Did Casey Neistat Change Your Life?

In the early days of 2018, just a year ago, I came across one of Casey Neistat’s videos on YouTube. At the moment I didn’t realize I had seen some of his work before, particularly a video about not being able to use the bike lane in New York, which was very funny and to the point. Now I saw him snowboarding through New York and I wondered: “Who is this guy?”

Casey seemed to be a daily vlogger, one of the people who revolutionized YouTube. I started to check out his channel on a regular basis, and watched a lot of his past episodes. Following someone like Casey, who for a long period of time made a video per day, became addictive. But it was an inspirational addiction.

In his well-crafted, well-structured and tightly edited videos Casey seemed authentic, funny and positive. I also loved the fact that often New York City was a character in his stories. Casey inspired me to make my own videos. So, I started making those since May last year.

I make vlogs about stuff that fascinates me, particularly comic books and other forms of popular culture. To be honest, I’m still figuring out what works for me and ‘my audience’. I’m still looking for my voice and style. But it has been fun so far.

I started doing vlogs in Dutch, because that is my native language. Later, I stared Amsterdam Comic Geek: a second channel to post English vlogs on. So far that channel hasn’t been a success and I am still struggling with the language. It’s easier for me to make a video in Dutch, instead of having to find the right words to express what I want to convey. It’s a work in progress.

Today I discovered a video made by Alex Gasaway. Another YouTuber named Cody Wanner pointed her video out to me. Gasaway explains what Casey’s work means to her and how he inspired her to pursuit her own creations. She also goes to New York to check out locations that feature in Casey’s vlogs. I recognized that: I went to New York to check out locations from Spider-Man-comics for my book about my favorite character. I thought Gasaway’s video was very inspirational and heart warming, so here it is: