My Free Comic Book Day 2019 Haul | ACG Vlog 23

May 4th it’s time for the yearly event Free Comic Book Day.

In the Netherlands some comic book shops participate, but it’s not as big as in the USA. In the past Dutch publishers tried to set up a Dutch variant of FCBD but that wasn’t a big success. Nowadays, some shops give away free American comics. I got mine early this year and love to give you a preview of the comics that are available on Free Comic Book Day 2019. In total 51 comics are available, I show you about a dozen.

Check out the YouTube-Channel of FCBD.

Discovering Marvel’s Original SPIDER-WOMAN by Claremont and Leialoha | ACG Vlog 22

After seeing Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman in action in an issue of New Avengers, drawn by Daniel Acuña, I became interested in this character.

Currently I’m reading Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 2 to get to know this interesting superhero. I must admit, the stories by writer Chris Claremont and artist Steve Leialoha are great.

Check out my other Spider-Woman vlog here.

Giant Size X-Men #1: The Successful Reboot of the X-Men | Vlog 20

Right now, I’m a very happy comic book reader because I finally got my hands on a copy of GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1. I have wanted to read this historic comic from 1975 for years because I am a big fan of Chris Claremont’s run of the X-Men.

And the team that was introduced in this Giant Size X-Men is my favorite team of the X-Men. Granted, this is the genesis of that team: Kitty Pryde and Rogue would join the ranks of the X-Men later on. However, I have always wanted to know how Len Wein and Dave Cockrum practically rebooted the X-Men franchise with this comic. And thanks to a True Believers reprint of this story, I was able to finally read it.

Check Out The Location of Peter Parker’s First Wallcrawl! | ACG Vlog 19

I am a fan of the Spider-Man TV Series from the 1970s starring Nicholas Hammond as Spider-Man. The twitteraccount @SpideyTVSeries keeps every one up to date about this first live-action outing of Spider-Man.

Today he posted the location of Peter Parker’s first wallcrawl from the pilot episode. This made me so happy I felt like sharing it. If you’re a fan of the series, please check out https://twitter.com/SpideyTVSeries.