The Burning

I borrowed The Burning (Tony Maylam) from horror connaisseur @johandejoode. An early “slasher kills kids at a summercamp” movie. It has a slow but nice build up so we actually get to know the teenagers a bit before they meet their early demise. Well shot and entertaining. Special make-up effects and choreography of the killings are by Tom Savini. Partly written and produced by the infamous Weinstein brothers.

Danse Macabre again

Stephen King’s Danse Macabre

Started re-reading Danse Macabre today, written by Stephen King. I didn’t get far into it the first time, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the book itself and everything with my mind getting distracted at every twist and turn for the last few years.

There’s too much going on but not a lot that really matters. So let me curl up on the couch and start reading, while I try to ignore the horrors of our current lives and idiotic behavior offline and online, and finally learn what horror is all about by one of the genre’s greatest masters.

Waarom The Walking Dead comic zo goed is | Vlog 65

The Walking Dead is sinds 2003 een zeer succesvolle stripserie van schrijver Robert Kirkman en het is natuurlijk ook een bekende tv-serie.

In deze vlog laat ik je de strips van Kirkman, Tony Moore en Charlie Adlard zien én praat ik over het nieuwe geeky YouTube-programma Next Level Heroes van Bas van Teylingen en Bardo Ellens waarin ik te gast was. We hebben het hierin namelijk over The Walking Dead.

En dit is de eerste aflevering van Next Level Heroes: