The KARATE KID: 1980s klassieker | 435

De tweede aflevering van Retro Smash van vrijdag 2 oktober 20:00 gaat over The Karate Kid en de nieuwe serie Cobra Kai, het vervolg op deze klassieker uit de jaren tachtig. Daarom heb ik als huiswerk de nieuwe serie bekijken, maar natuurlijk herkijk ik dan eerst The Karate Kid uit 1984.
Check hier de eerste aflevering van RETRO SMASH.

Jason Bourne

I rewatched the first Bourne film with Matt Damon. Well crafted action flick with Franka Potente as sidekick. It has a nice European flavor to it, and old skool mobile phones. The second one was more of the same.

What puzzled me about that one is that Michelle Monaghan is part of the cast, but her role is very small. It’s like when you cast Julia Roberts and all you see her do in the movie is pouring somebody’s coffee somewhere in the background. Once. This world needs more movies with Michelle Monaghan as the lead.

The Burning

I borrowed The Burning (Tony Maylam) from horror connaisseur @johandejoode. An early “slasher kills kids at a summercamp” movie. It has a slow but nice build up so we actually get to know the teenagers a bit before they meet their early demise. Well shot and entertaining. Special make-up effects and choreography of the killings are by Tom Savini. Partly written and produced by the infamous Weinstein brothers.