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Comic Book Haul August: Spider-Man by Nick Spencer, Symbiote Spider-Man, Avengers & Thunderstrike | ACG Vlog

A close look at some of the new comics I bought and read in August. Great stories about the staff of the Daily Bugle, Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man and Symbiote Spider-Man.

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Postvlog: Nieuw strips en koffiepret | Vlogweek Vlog 4

Check hier de hele Vlogweek Playlist.

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Even Superheroes Like to Read BOOKS | Happy World Book Day 2021! | ACG Vlog

Honestly I wasn’t aware there was such a thing as World Book Day until I came across an excellent post of Suppaduppa666 on Instagram. David Cubero, aka Suppaduppa makes very funny photographs with action figures. And he shows a lot of great Marvel Heroes in funny situations.

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Mijn eerste VERGELDERS comic van Juniorpress | 490

Mijn eerste echte kennismaking met the Avengers was de Nederlandse uitgave De Vergelders Special #1 uit 1983. Van Juniorpress natuurlijk.

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CORNER BOX ART: Small but Impressive | ACG Vlog

Check out CORNER BOX ART on Instagram.