My Origin Story As A Comic Book Geek | ACG Vlog 02

‘Please allow me to introduce myself’ Mick Jagger sang a long time ago. And here I want to do the same. Hi guys, I’m Amsterdam Comic Geek!

Every Comic Book lover has a moment in which he or she was first introduced to the wonderful medium of comics. I wanted to tell you my story and at the same time tell a bit about myself, so we can get to know each other a little better.

One of the Greatest SPIDER-MAN Covers | ACG Vlog 01

One of my favorite Spider-Man-covers ever is the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #258 by Ron Frenz and Josef Rubinstein.

It was published in 1984. A wonderful issue in which the true nature of Spider-Man’s black costume is revealed. Let’s take a closer look and discover why this is such a great cover.

By the way: welcome to my channel. I am a Dutch freelance journalist who writes about popular culture and comics. I’ve been a content creator on YouTube for a while now, but decided to start this channel for vlogs about comics in English. This way, I can communicate with more YouTubers and comic book geeks out there, since not a lot of people speak Dutch.