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Rocky & Creed

I am cleaning out my desktop of screenshots. I made this one after watching Creed II the other week.

The Rocky franchise has been a constant in my life. I remember watching the movies as a kid. The whole family talked about them. They were a good conversation starter with my older cousins.

Later I rewatched them whenever they were on the television. The great thing about the Rocky franchise is that it never became bad. Every movie brings something new, event though they practically tell the same story over and over again.

I loved the fact that the next movie starts right where the other one ended. At least the first five movies were structured that way.

Besides all that, it’s hard not to like the character Rocky Balboa. And Stallone for that matter.

I am glad I finally saw Creed & Creed II. I really liked seeing Rocky again and how they continued the story of Apollo’s legacy. These movies are sequels and sort of remakes of the first Rocky and Rocky IV at the same time.

And it’s always good to see Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky once more. And Michael B. Jordan does a great job playing Apollo’s son.

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Mooie illustraties lezen in de VPRO gids & DE HULK & BRITNEY SPEARS | 369

Er staat mooi illustratiewerk in de VPRO Gids van deze week van onder andere Emanuel Wiemans, Claudie de Cleen en Rosa Snijders.