Raaphorst in actie

Marco Raaphorst stelde zijn audiorecorder in. We waren in Café Dudok te Den Haag. Karin ramaker vierde haar tweejarig ondernemersschap. Karin en Marco zijn gepassioneerde bloggers. Ik heb ze […] Lees verder

Smart cookie

Sunday, Vertigo, 1:00 pm  Most of the time you get a cookie with your tea or coffee. When you’re lucky it’s baked in this century. If you’re very lucky, […] Lees verder


De Bekeerde Suster, 7:00 pm Hester and I had some burgers in the Bekeerde Suster op de Nieuwmarkt this week. It’s been a while since we saw each other. […] Lees verder


Stanislavski, 2:00 pm This is my friend Merel wearing a sweater with a print of Slimer on it. I love Slimer, it’s one of the funniest animated characters ever […] Lees verder

Freelance buddies

De Engelbewaarder, 5:00 pm Having a drink and eating some bitter balls (type of croquette served as an appetizer) with my freelance buddies Fee Naaijkens and Jasper van Vugt.

Tea with Aimée

Stanislavski, 6:30 pm Monday I had a meeting with Aimée de Jongh. A very talented young comic book artist who also works in animation. Check out her site.

Jooper & Peter

‘t Hoogt, 9:00 pm Thursday night I went out with Jooper and Peter in Utrecht. Two very gifted bloggers. We had a long conversation about everything and nothing. Having […] Lees verder


Saturday I went downtown with Paul Stellingwerf. A good friend of mine and film and comic book addict, just like me. He also knows how to handle his pencil […] Lees verder