Liselotte @ the Filmmuseum

Yesterday morning I spent a couple of hours with Liselotte at Vertigo, the café at the Filmmuseum. Okay, so they call it the Eye institute now. I don’t care: I don’t like the name. It’s been Filmmuseum for centuries, so to me it stays that way. Damn those marketing bureaus thinking up stupid names just because they might have international appeal.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about actually. Liselotte wrote a book on television design, ‘Vorm van Vermaak’ its called. The book comes out mid April. She wrote it with Roy van Vilsteren, the vice-editor in chief of the VARAgids. (A TV guide). I interviewed Roy last week for an article in the VPRO Gids (another broadcasting magazine I work for as a freelancer). Liselotte also runs a blog about the subject, which you can check out here.

After my coffee date with Liselotte I wrote an article about a new television programme about comic books, that’s being taped at the moment and will be broadcasted in the fall. I phoned up Gert Jan Pos who wrote the scripts for the show. He appeared to be in Budapest of all places. He was nice enough to answer some questions while standing in the middle of the street somewhere.

I’ve known about the show for a couple of months now, and with news like this, it’s always the question when to publish. Since a couple of comic book makers reported on their blog that they had been interviewed for the show, I felt the time was now to write up a short post on the subject. But lesson learned: next time I learn something I will write about it immediately.

At night, I planned to read a collection of Iron Man comics I’ve been anxious to get to in ages. But cabaret artist Lebbis was on the telly. Although I hadn’t planned on watching the dude, what he said about modern life struck a cord and I laughed from the whole show. Lebbis talked about the fact that we are over-consuming and angrily yelled at all the bankers that caused the economical crisis but got away with it. The bastards are even getting bonuses again like nothing happened. He also had some funny stuff to say about horoscopes and frauds like Uri Geller, on which I couldn’t agree more.

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Nice pic, I like how she's next to the statue & on the other side you can see the "Vertigo"-sign. I want that book, by the way.

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