This one is about you Rob

A personal (?) message on a billboard. “Rob is a sweetheart” it says. Good to know.

Door Michael Minneboo

Michael Minneboo is een freelance journalist gespecialiseerd in popcultuur, fancultuur, strips, film, online media en beeldcultuur. Hij schrijft over onder andere comics, Nederlandse strips & animatie en interviewt makers uit binnen- en buitenland. Daarnaast geeft hij lezingen en adviseert hij particulieren en bedrijven over bloggen.

7 reacties op “This one is about you Rob”

I happen to know Rob, and I can tell you that that message couldn't be further from the truth. Rob is a total douchebag. He probably wrote that line himself. That's the kind of pathetic loser he is.

@Merel B.: πŸ™‚ That's funny, the text would apply to the Rob I know. Too bad there's no surname, now we'll never know which Rob is the nice guy…

What fascinates me is the girl waiting for the traffic lights: I often see girls with their legs bend backwards, and I ask myself: how do they do that! πŸ™‚

Jeroen, maybe it's something like the female ability to press our underarms together (elbow to elbow, wrist to wrist) and stretch our arms (elbows & wrists still touching). Men aren't able to do that. It think it's related to the leg-thing, since it's sort of the same type of joint (knee & elbow).

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