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My Origin Story As A Comic Book Geek | ACG Vlog 02

‘Please allow me to introduce myself’ Mick Jagger sang a long time ago. And here I want to do the same. Hi guys, I’m Amsterdam Comic Geek!

Every Comic Book lover has a moment in which he or she was first introduced to the wonderful medium of comics. I wanted to tell you my story and at the same time tell a bit about myself, so we can get to know each other a little better.

Door Michael Minneboo

Michael Minneboo is een freelance journalist gespecialiseerd in popcultuur, fancultuur, strips, film, online media en beeldcultuur. Hij schrijft over onder andere comics, Nederlandse strips & animatie en interviewt makers uit binnen- en buitenland. Daarnaast geeft hij lezingen en adviseert hij particulieren en bedrijven over bloggen.

2 reacties op “My Origin Story As A Comic Book Geek | ACG Vlog 02”

I enjoyed that little intro vlog – and hope it will open the door for some international viewers to check out this new channel. Remember – it will take some time to grow, don’t give up šŸ™‚
Happy New year there in the Netherlands… we have already had 8 hrs of 2019 – and I can tell ya, it’s pretty much the same as most other years (so far) – Looking forward to more comic and geek related vlogs this year – sprinkled with some local footage… Watching vlogs, incl yours, have helped me get through a darker period of anxiety in 2018 and inspired me to get into things myself this year. (( also looking forward to the english version of your book! )).

@Splotch: Thanks for the good wishes and watching the vlogs! Knowing that you are watching and commenting on them, really helps me keeping motivated to make more video’s. Hope you have a great 2019 as well and that the new house will be wonderful.

Sorry to hear you had to go through some dark times last year. Let’s hope things will be better.

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