A hotelroom with a view

What a great spot for a Bastion Hotel. Not.

Door Michael Minneboo

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7 reacties op “A hotelroom with a view”

@Merel B.: But afther the sex, most people like to smoke right? So, you just had the fuck of your life, step outside of the hotel for a smoke and stand in the middle of a sand box… Oh well, maybe it doesn't matter if you just had the fuck of your life.. 🙂

But what if you had a horrible fuck? And you step outside for a smoke to comfort yourself & to just be out of that small room smelling of bad sex, away from that horrible fuck buddy of yours, and you land in that depressing sandbox? It could totally make you suicidal.

@Merel B.: In that case, the location does matter and this Bastion Hotel might be responsible for a large increase in suicides in the Amsterdam area. 🙁

@Merel B. That depends who are renting rooms at that place. If they are assholes (politicians for instance)… why bother? It might be a good thing 🙂

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