Mice beneath the restaurant table

Beiaard, 7:00 pm
Monday last week I had dinner with Paul, a good friend of mine and a cartoonist. Although not all of mine friends are into comic books or drawing comics, a lot of them are. Paul and I are avid comic book readers and naturally the books we had just bought at the ABC were one of the topics of our conversation. The mice that were running on the floor were another one. Apparently it’s quite normal in Amsterdam to have mice walk between your feet when you’re eating a hamburger. Tourists be warned. Makes one wonder what happens in the kitchen after all the lights are out. What has all of this to do with the picture above? Not much, except for the fact that it is the view from our table at the Beiaard.

Door Michael Minneboo

Michael Minneboo is een freelance journalist gespecialiseerd in popcultuur, fancultuur, strips, film, online media en beeldcultuur. Hij schrijft over onder andere comics, Nederlandse strips & animatie en interviewt makers uit binnen- en buitenland. Daarnaast geeft hij lezingen en adviseert hij particulieren en bedrijven over bloggen.

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That's why every restaurant should have a cat! "De Smoeshaan" closes every summer for a couple of weeks, and during that time they let a cat live there and exterminate the whole rodent-population.


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