Travelling with The Beatles

Between Hilversum and Amsterdam, 4:35 pm
During train rides between home and work, I never listen to music on an iPod. Usually I read a comic book I have to review or a book. The Act You’ve Known For All These Years, written by Clinton Heylin, is my current read. Heylin reconstructs the life and times of Sgt. Pepper, the cultural back-story of the band, and Rock’s turbulent early adulthood. He weaves the history of this classic album with the Beatles’ contemporaries and rivals – Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, Cream and (The) Pink Floyd – and reveals and explores the myths behind the album and the summer of love. I enjoy the book quite a lot even though Heylin appears not to be a Beatles-fan at all, nor particularly likes Pepper. I was surprised to learn about a band I’ve never heard before, The Move from England, who apparently has been lost in time

Door Michael Minneboo

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@Hallie Lama: Nee, ik kende The Move nog niet. Maar ga ze zeker even checken. Had je nog tips voor bepaalde nummers? Kan je dit boek trouwens aanraden.

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