Night time in Delft

Delft, 10:30pm (Friday the 23rd)
This weekend my girlfriend and I stayed in Delft, for a short holiday. In the next couple of days I’ll be posting some pictures I took during our stay, starting with this one: night time in Delft. We were heading back to the hotel after a nice dinner somewhere downtown.

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4 Responses to “Night time in Delft”

  1. karin r. says:

    delft. zit ik elke maandag en woensdag. zat je hier bij de scheve kerk?

  2. @Karin r.: Is Delft waar je oppast? We zaten in hotel Best Western, wat daar inderdaad om de hoek is.

  3. Deweb says:

    Best Western…het museumhotel. Mooie uitvalsbasis. Was het leuk?

  4. @Deweb: Ja hoor, prima toeven.