Going solo

Between Amsterdam and Hilversum, 9:10 am
Sometimes I think that it would be great if you can be the only one in a train compartment. No talking or phoning people. No iPods with bad gangsta rappers spoiling the silence. Just me reading a comic or book. Of course that’s just a fantasy. Although in this photo it seems as if the compartment is empty, there are other travellers with me, they are just out of frame. It was still a pleasant trip to work, though.

Door Michael Minneboo

Michael Minneboo is een freelance journalist gespecialiseerd in popcultuur, fancultuur, strips, film, online media en beeldcultuur. Hij schrijft over onder andere comics, Nederlandse strips & animatie en interviewt makers uit binnen- en buitenland. Daarnaast geeft hij lezingen en adviseert hij particulieren en bedrijven over bloggen.

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