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Jim Lee’s Barbie

Tof hoe stripmakers steeds meer bloggen tegenwoordig. Wie Jim Lee bijvoorbeeld volgt op Instagram, wordt getrakteerd op mooie schetsen, tekeningen en boeiende achtergrondinformatie.

Recent trof ik daar dit verhaal aan over Jim Lee’s sexy interpretatie van Barbie.

Lee schrijft:

I drew this when I was 30. Mattel had invited many different kinds of artists to draw their interpretation of Barbie for a 35th anniversary Art book. I asked if I could do whatever I wanted. They said yes it was ok to do whatever. “You sure?” Yes, we are sure. I submit this piece of Barbie and Skipper. It didn’t make the cut. Obviously, I still had issues.

En ach, als we nu toch bezig zijn, deze Iron Man van Lee kon mij ook bekoren:


‘My favorite versions of ol’ shellhead was drawn by JRJR with Bob Layton and Moebius of all artists. This very quick sketch on the back of an old Punisher War Journal page from back in the late 80’s attempts to combine the two takes.’

(Overigens kwam ik erachter dat Lee op Instagram zat door het Tumblr-blog Comic Book Women.)