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Spider-Woman vs Spider-Man by Daniel Acuña & Brian Michael Bendis | ACG Vlog 15

In New Avengers: Siege there is an interesting sequence drawn by Daniel Acuña in which Spider-Woman and Spider-Man are slugging it out.

Of course there is a reason why Jessica Drew aka Spider-Man is pounding our favorite webhead. In this video I take a closer look at the sequence and show you some of the wonderful artwork Daniel Acuña has made.

By the way Acuña is one of the special guests at the Dutch Comic Con that takes place in Utrecht on March 23rd and 24th.
Check out their site for more information.

“Should Spider-Man Stay Married?” Answering the First Annual Marvel Survey From 1994 | ACG Vlog 09

In 1994 Marvel published their first annual Survey to check with their readers a couple of things. I came across this survey in X-Men Annual #3 and was curious about the questions the publisher would ask. In this vlog we’ll go through all ten questions and issues.

I will give you the answers I would have given back then, but I’m also very curious about what your answers would’ve been.

De 100ste Spider-Man | Vlog 101

De 100ste Spider-Man, oftewel het honderdste nummer van De Spektakulaire SpiderMan van Juniorpress, was in 1988 een echte mijlpaal. De redactie pakte daarom ook uit met 16 extra pagina’s over het leven van Spider-Man en een index van de nummers 1 t/m 100.

Deze vlog hadden jullie nog van me tegoed. Eigenlijk was dit item gepland als een onderdeel van mijn honderdste vlog, maar ik besloot er een aparte video van te maken en die 100ste toch een beetje kort te houden. Als vlogger moet je improviseren en je flexibel opstellen als het materiaal wat anders uitpakt dan je had gepland.

Bovendien vind ik deze comic zo bijzonder, dat ik ook weer niet wilde snijden in het materiaal. Ik heb gemerkt bij eerdere vlogs dat als ik soms een stukje eruit monteer om de video wat korter te maken, dat soms toch weer vragen oproept bij de kijkers omdat er een stukje informatie mist. Dat krijg je als je vlogs in een flow, of stream of conciousness opneemt. Daarom heb ik het verhaal over de 100ste Spider-Man ook volledig intact gehouden.

Over Spider-Man gesproken, check ook deze video over oude Juniorpress comics op Amsterdam Comic Geek.

Discovering Missing Comic Book Pages | ACG Vlog 06

When I grew up, I read Dutch translations of Marvel Comics. When I re-read the stories from my childhood in their original form however, I discover the Dutch publisher used to skip a few pages here and there.

When I read a Marvel Comic now, it’s wonderful to discover one of those missing pages. In this video I also explain why the Dutch publisher didn’t publishes these pages originally.

Next Level Heroes #12: SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Analyse

Donderdag 17 januari was ik te gast in de studio van Bas van Teylingen voor een nieuwe aflevering van Next Level Heroes. Samen met Bardo Ellens hebben we de trailer van Spider-Man: Far From Home geanalyseerd.

Ik vond het weer erg leuk om als Spidey-expert op te mogen treden in het programma. De editor heeft de ruwe opname van 90 minuten weten terug te brengen naar de redelijke lengte van minder dan 53 minuten. Een hele prestatie.

How Did TODD McFARLANE Make This? | ACG Vlog 05

Recently comic book artist Todd McFarlane posted an original drawing he did of Spider-Man from the run he did in the late nineteen eighties and early nineties.

It looks like he used a special technique to create the background-image. Maybe McFarlane simply used a photograph and put in the background, but maybe the background was drawn just like the rest. I’m not sure how he made this, so I made this short video in the hope one of you guys can shed some light on the subject.

The Mighty Power of Hercules and Artist Jim Mooney | ACG Vlog 04

A close look at classic Marvel Team-Up #28 by Gerry Conway and comic book artist Jim Mooney. A fun and a bit unbelievable story about the Amazing Spider-Man and the mighty Hercules.

I especially like the old school artwork of Jim Mooney (1919-2008). An artist who worked a lot in the Silver Age of comics and is known for drawing Supergirl and Spider-Man. He also inked a lot of Spider-Man comics, such as Spectacular Spider-Man, and the work of the young John Romita Jr. when he worked on Amazing Spider-Man in the early eighties.

My Origin Story As A Comic Book Geek | ACG Vlog 02

‘Please allow me to introduce myself’ Mick Jagger sang a long time ago. And here I want to do the same. Hi guys, I’m Amsterdam Comic Geek!

Every Comic Book lover has a moment in which he or she was first introduced to the wonderful medium of comics. I wanted to tell you my story and at the same time tell a bit about myself, so we can get to know each other a little better.

One of the Greatest SPIDER-MAN Covers | ACG Vlog 01

One of my favorite Spider-Man-covers ever is the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #258 by Ron Frenz and Josef Rubinstein.

It was published in 1984. A wonderful issue in which the true nature of Spider-Man’s black costume is revealed. Let’s take a closer look and discover why this is such a great cover.

By the way: welcome to my channel. I am a Dutch freelance journalist who writes about popular culture and comics. I’ve been a content creator on YouTube for a while now, but decided to start this channel for vlogs about comics in English. This way, I can communicate with more YouTubers and comic book geeks out there, since not a lot of people speak Dutch.