Last week’s meet & greets

Last week posts about my short trip to Delft have occupied this blog. So since none of last week’s photographs could be published, I’ll make a special post with the pics I took while meeting with some of my friends.

Natasja van Loon, Stanislavski, 7:00 pm
She’s a writer and pr-specialist who loves comic books.

Nicoline Hermans, Le Pain Quotidien, 12:45 pm
She is a very good psychologist/HR consultant who wrote blogposts for me while I ran an website for Intermediair back in the day. She actually still writes them.

Paul Bodoni, Comic shop Lambiek, 7:00 pm
Bodoni and I met for the first time, actually at the comic shop Lambiek, where there’s a get-together every Friday afternoon. Bodoni is a comic book artist who currently lives in Sweden.

Jeroen Mirck, Stanislavski, 12:30 pm
Jeroen is a journalist, a blogger and a local politician (but still a nice guy actually). Today he started a new job at Deloitte Innovation. Recently he has grown a beard. Just so you know.

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